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Feb 01
Warmth Drive 2021 was a wonderful success
Thank you all who participated in a wonderful opportunity to serve the less fortunate of Oklahoma City (OKC). We had no expectation this first year as to the quantity or even how to gauge our success. So with that being said, we were able to donate over 230 pounds of warmth to the Jesus House in downtown OKC. The donation of coats, shoes, gloves and more were able to fill a pallet. Little did we know that the donation of December 30th would be just in time for the frigid arctic temperatures coming through OKC during the first week of January. Thank you to Rich & Cartmill Inc, CPC Insurance, Omega Insurance and Graham-Rogers to name just a few of those many who were involved in helping BIGiOK warmth drive be such a success this year. Thank you all.​

CPC Insurance delivery
Rich and Cartmill, Inc delivery

Jesus House

Pallet for donation

all of donation

So allow this to serve as a


Lets shoot for 500 pounds in 2022! Plan now to make a difference in 2022!​


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