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Apr 03
Unlocking Success: Your Agency Plan…In A Box!


In the realm of agency management, it's commonly observed that we ALL can get caught up in the day-to-day operations of business - sometimes overlooking the importance of planning for the future. We may be quick to embrace new opportunities or trends we see others succeed with, without taking a moment to consider how these fit into overall business strategy. While this enthusiastic approach can be motivating, it's important for us all to ensure that our decisions align with long-term goals and aspirations.

Conversely, some agency managers may have established organizational standards, like vision, mission, and values, but these may have fallen by the wayside over time. While these standards were initially set with good intentions, they may have become disconnected from the daily activities of the organization.

Both the spontaneous and stagnant approaches to agency management are common but can pose challenges for agencies. It's essential for agencies to invest time and energy into strategic planning and maintaining their organizational standards to ensure they're on track to achieve their objectives.

Regardless of the current circumstances, the significance of strategic planning cannot be overlooked. By actively defining goals, assessing opportunities, and fostering a proactive mindset, agencies can navigate towards sustained growth and success in an ever-changing landscape…that's where we at BIGiOK Consulting can help.

Ready to get to work?

Put June 12th on your calendar and plan now (pun intended) to be a part of a very exclusive cohort embarking on this strategic planning journey together in a 12-month program called “Agency Plan in a Box." 


It begins with a day-long workshop to help jump-start your agency visioning, crafting or modifying your key organizational statements (Vision, mission, values), identifying your innate strengths, and even goals and action plans for taking your agency to the next level.  But it doesn't just stop there – it also includes three quarterly executive coaching sessions to help you monitor and adjust your plan along the way. 


To learn more and secure your spot now CLICK HERE!


Let's unlock your agency's potential and start planning for the future today.

by: Sara Bradshaw-Ray, CIC, CKC

BIGiOK Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives


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