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Feb 12
The IMPACT of Community & Collaboration

In February, our MyNetwork groups gathered “At the Table” to talk..
  • About the things they’ve always wanted to ask. 
  • About the challenges that they face.
  • About the things that keep them up at night. 
  • About the dream that they hold close.
And it wasn’t just talking. It was listening. And collaborating. And lifting one another up. And thinking through the “what ifs.” And it was done…together.
That’s what MyNetwork is all about. Coming alongside one another to face the good, the not so good, and everything in-between. Time and space set aside each month that is uplifting and engaging and where everyone leaves better than they came.
Because when done right, THAT is the power of community and collaboration.
And speaking of community & collaboration…
If you haven’t registered for the EmpowerHER: Celebrating Women, Inspiring Excellence” conference coming up on March 8th, it’s time! Seats are filling up quickly.
Join us as we gather for a dynamic day-long event dedicated to uplifting women in the insurance industry. A platform of connection, learning, and professional growth that will no doubt make an impact.


by: Sara Bradshaw-Ray, CIC, CKC
BIGiOK Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives



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