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RLI Personal Umbrella Policy

​ The Personal Umbrella Liability is one of the few stand-alone personal umbrella policies on the market. It provides up to $5 million of coverage over the minimum required underlying limits. RLI Personal Umbrella does not require the insured to carry his underlying policies with RLI. Minimum underlying limits are required. The new RLI Personal Umbrella Application can be completed online and then printed for signature (an electronic signature is not available at this point). For more information on RLI policies, please contact Cindy Munden in Eagle Agency at (405) 840-4426. 

RLI Umb App.pdf

RLI Payments.pdf


*RLI is now offering Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist Coverage effective 01-01-11.  On renewals, the insureds will receive the cover letter from RLI accompanying the application with the addition of step #3 highlighting the offer of a $1 million Excess UM/UIM limit from RLI, the Renewal Application that the insured needs to complete. Question 24 asks the insured if they wish to purchase the coverage. If nothing is answered/changed in this area, the policy will continue to have the coverage Excluded. The RLI bill will follow. The renewal bill will also indicate that Excess UM/UIM is not included in the renewal billing premium and the Purchase/Rejection form. This form was created to provide the insured an overview of the coverage offered, his requirements for Basic coverage and an ESTIMATE of what the Excess UM/UIM coverage will cost in order for the insured make an informed purchase decision. This estimate is based on the information we currently have on file, but is subject to change based on the responses RLI receives on this year’s Renewal Application.